Old Timers Resisting High Tech


We offer comments from readers of our articles on senior citizens, or those that have perused this website. We will add new responses as we get them.

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In an article entitled, "Who Speaks For The Forgotten And Ignored Generation?" written by Ron Ewart, a writer with NewswithViews.com, he takes time out to pay tribute to that now older generation, discussing their problems and needs. You can access his article by clicking on this link:

"The Forgotten and Ignored Generation"

Toward the end of his article Mr. Ewart discusses a new website especially designed for seniors without having to use all that technology which is driving many seniors crazy and you can access it by clicking on the following link:

"Old Timers Resisting High Tech"

It is my hope that by accessing this website, those of us who are fed up with some of the ridiculous problems of technology, which seem to make life harder rather than easier for us, will find some common ground to vent our frustrations and share this burden with others who are facing the same problems. God bless you, Mr. Ewart for taking the time to give us seniors a real big hand up.


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